Extraordinary Self-Defense for Women


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          All women live with a certain level of risk of violent crime. Statistics show that a woman now 21 years old has a 1 in 4 chance of experiencing a violent crime in her lifetime. For them, much information is already available about how to reduce their risk ("stay alert") and how to respond if something bad happens ("fight back")
         Women often avoid the need for physical self-defense because the often strenuous falling and body conditioning required in most martial arts,. They also rely  their inherent ability to dodge violence through adaptability and their reliance on protection from others. However, today as much as throughout human history women have suffered physical violence at the hands of their male and female counterparts. Therefore self-defense remains a highly relevant issue for women today and in the future                 
    Most women are very well suited for women’s self-defense since it requires flexibility and suppleness - abilities that are by nature more prevailing in females than in males. That is why in our experience women typically learn Aikijutsu faster than their male counterparts - provided they stay with it. A handicap is that women are often reluctant to join self-defense classes, feeling intimidated by the predominance of males in most dojo memberships. But that should not keep women from joining, since training with males is the best way to learn what they need to learn. We understand this problem and have developed a system for women to introduce them into the world of self defense and protection.
     Of particular interest to women is that the Self Defense is made specifically for women to Defend effectively against their male counterparts. Many Martial arts teach women to defend themselves but look for them to perform techniques that only a super athlete could perform or take too long to execute. When attacked, women may only have seconds to act and no time to think. This is the theory in which we have developed our Women's self defense system

This self-defense classes, clinics, and seminars are entirely different from most self-defense classes (especially for women) because it was created specifically for a woman.

  • Self Defence doesn’t have to be hard core, attack driven or frightening!
  • By using empathy, humour, simple techniques and real life success stories, the instructor provides methods that can stop a potential attack before it starts.
  • Course will also cover ways of assessing dangers of would-be attackers, and finding non-confrontational methods of dealing with uncomfortable situations!
  • Everyone should learn the basics of Self Defence...how predators think, what they look for, and how to PREVENT an attack!

These classes and seminars also focus on things women face on a daily basis...comments and actions...made to make them feel uncomfortable.  We'll show you how to react positively to those experiences! How to survive being taken to the ground.

Awareness - Boundaries - Combat

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